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AdvanteX SUV TR259

  • Performance, Summer
Picture of AdvanteX SUV TR259
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Triangle AdvanteX SUV TR259

The AdvanteX SUV tire has been designed to meet the performance demands of today’s modern SUV market. The SUV market is the fastest growing vehicle and tire market in the world. The new range provides optimum vehicle fitment coverage for today’s modern SUVs.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
0TR25925215/55R18 95V (27.3")0
0TR25921265/60R18 114V (30.5")0
0TR25926255/55R19 111W (30")0
0TR25920255/55R18 109W (29")0
0TR25919255/50R19 107V (29")0
0TR25918245/70R16 111H (29.5")0
0TR25917245/65R17 111H (29.5")0
0TR25916245/60R18 105H (29.6")0
0TR25915235/70R16 106H (29")0
0TR25914235/65R18 106H (30")0
0TR25913235/65R17 108V (29")0
0TR25922265/70R16 112H (30.6")0
0TR25912235/60R17 106V (28.1")0
0TR25910235/55R18 100V (28.2")0
0TR25909235/55R17 99H (27.2")0
0TR25908235/50R18 97V (27.3")0
0TR25907225/70R16 103H (28.4")0
0TR25906225/65R17 106V (28.5")0
0TR25905225/60R17 99V (27.6")0
0TR25904225/55R19 99V (28.7")0
0TR25903225/55R18 102W (27.7")0
0TR25902215/70R16 100H (27.9")0
0TR25901215/60R17 96H (27.2")0
0TR25911235/55R19 105W (29.2")0
0TR25923265/70R17 115H (31.6")0