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SeasonX TA01

  • 3PMS, All Weather, Directional
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
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Triangle SeasonX TA01

The SeasonX All Season is an all weather tire developed to simplify tire ownership in regions where winter tire fitment is required. Providing excellent performance in both summer and winter conditions, the SeasonX tire features a combination of state-of-the-art tread design, compounding and carcass design. Engineered for the demanding conditions across all climates.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
0TA0113165/65R14 79T (22.4")0
0TA0114165/70R14 85T (23.1")0
0TA0112175/65R14 86H (23")0
0TA0105185/60R15 88H (23.7")0
0TA0107185/65R15 88H (24.5")0
0TA0108195/50R15 82V (22.7")0
0TA0109195/60R15 92V (24.2")0
0TA0101195/65R15 95V (25")0
0TA0102205/55R16 94V (24.9")0
0TA0110215/55R16 97W (25.3")0
0TA0103225/45R17 94W (25")0
0TA0111225/50R17 98W (25.9")0
0TA0104235/35R19 91W (25.5")0
0TA0106245/45R18 100W (26.7")0