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Vezda UHP A/S

  • All Season, Performance
  • Warranty: 50k Mile
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Kenda Vezda UHP A/S

If you are looking for a tire that has it all, look no further than the Vezda UHP A/S high performance, all-season tire. Kenda delivers this value-priced UHP tire for drivers of sports cars, sedans, and coupes who are looking to enjoy driving their cars year-round. Formulated with a special silica compound combining summer levels of wet and dry performance with strong cold weather and light snow capabilities, these performance tires will keep you road savvy all year long.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
400040195/55R16 87W (24.4")0
400041235/55R18 104W (28.2")0
400044245/35R19 93W (25.8")0
400024245/35R20 95Y (26.8")0
400015245/40R17 95W (24.7")0
400011245/40R18 97Y (25.7")0
400019245/40R19 98Y (26.7")0
400045245/40R20 99W (27.7")0
400005245/45R17 99W (25.7")0
400004245/45R18 100Y (26.7")0
400028245/45R19 102Y (27.7")0
400009245/45R20 103Y (28.7")0
400023245/50R17 99W (26.6")0
400027255/35R18 94W (25")0
400042255/35R19 96Y (26")0
400025255/35R20 97W (27")0
400026255/40R17 94W (25")0
400022255/40R18 99W (26")0
400037255/40R19 100W (27")0
400006255/45R18 103W (27")0
400030235/55R17 99W (27.2")0
400010235/50R18 101W (27.3")0
400020235/50R17 100W (26.3")0
400018235/45R18 98W (26.3")0
400003205/50R17 93W (25.1")0
400021205/55R16 91W (24.9")0
400001215/45R17 91W (24.6")0
400046215/45R18 93Y (25.6")0
400033215/50R17 95W (25.5")0
400032215/55R17 94W (26.3")0
400043225/35R20 90W (26.2")0
400014225/40R18 92W (25.1")0
400034225/40R19 93Y (26.1")0
400036255/45R20 105W (29")0
400002225/45R17 94W (25")0
400035225/45R19 96W (27")0
400031225/50R16 92W (24.9")0
400007225/50R17 98W (25.9")0
400017225/50R18 99W (26.9")0
400038225/55R16 95W (25.7")0
400039225/55R17 97W (26.7")0
400029235/35R19 91W (25.5")0
400016235/40R18 95W (25.4")0
400008235/45R17 97W (25.3")0
400012225/45R18 95Y (26")0
400013275/40R20 106Y (28.7")0