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Fittipaldi Offroad


  • Finition: Satin Bronze w/ Satin Black Lip
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Fittipaldi Offroad FT104

The FT104 makes its way into the Terra line up with its concave profile and 9 spokes highlighted by recessed accents. We focused on bringing a more concave style while adding an extra layer of dimension and styling with the beadlock inspired ring.


Numéro D'articleDiamètreLargeurDéportAlésageEntraxeEFSSiègeLa capacité de chargePoidsStockPrix
FT104-17906139N12ZB179-12106.26 x 5.5" (139.7mm)NonConique2500.0031.780 $628.68
FT104-17905127N12ZB179-1271.55 x 5" (127mm)NonConique2500.0031.780 $628.68
FT104-17906135N06ZB179-687.16 x 135mmNonConique2500.0031.780 $628.68
FT104-20906139P18ZB20918106.26 x 5.5" (139.7mm)NonConique2500.0042.580 $783.01
FT104-20908180P18ZB20918124.38 x 180mmNonConique3700.0043.240 $783.01
FT104-20908165P18ZB20918125.28 x 6.5" (165mm)NonConique3700.0042.580 $783.01
FT104-20908170P18ZB20918125.28 x 170mmNonConique3700.0042.580 $783.01
FT104-20906135P18ZB2091887.16 x 135mmNonConique2500.0042.580 $783.01