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  • Directional, Performance, Summer
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Kenda Kaiser

The KR20A Kaiser is Kenda’s extreme grip tire - it's the ultimate ultra-high performance summer tire. It features a symmetrical, directional tread pattern with excellent drainage. The racing construction offers precise control and guaranteed grip on the road. New casing and profile designs lift dry performance.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
200062195/55R15 85W (23.4")0
200058275/35R18 95W (25.6")0
200041265/35R18 93W (25.3")0
200057265/35R18 93W (25.3")0
200083255/40R18 99W (26")0
200052255/40R17 94W (25")0
200065255/35R18 90W (25")0
200042245/45R17 95W (25.7")0
200044245/40R18 97W (25.7")0
200056245/40R18 97W (25.7")0
200043245/40R17 91W (24.7")0
200055235/45R17 94W (25.3")0
200061235/40R18 91W (25.4")0
200053235/40R18 91W (25.4")0
200060235/40R17 90W (24.4")0
200081235/40R17 90W (24.4")0
200054225/45R17 94W (25")0
200048225/40R18 88W (25.1")0
200082215/45R17 87W (24.6")0
200051205/55R16 91W (24.9")0
200045275/35R18 95W (25.6")0
200080285/35R18 101W (25.9")0