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Klever H/P

  • All Season, M+S
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Kenda Klever H/P

The Kenda Klever H/P is the SUV tire for you. The solid center rib provides great fuel economy, excellent handling capability and ride comfort. Siping around the tire provides grip without increasing noise levels. This high performance value tire was manufactured for a safe, comfortable and quiet ride in any condition.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
150025P205/75R15 97T (27.1")0
150010P215/70R16 100S (27.9")0
150007AP225/70R15 100S (27.4")0
150018P225/70R16 103S (28.4")0
150024P235/60R17 102T (28.1")0
150017P235/65R17 103S (29")0
150008AP235/70R15 103S (28")0
150011P235/70R16 106S (29")0
150023P245/65R17 105S (29.5")0
150012P245/70R16 107S (29.5")0
150013P255/70R16 109S (30.1")0
150009P265/70R15 110S (29.6")0
150014P265/70R16 112S (30.6")0
150022P265/75R16 116T (31.6")0
150005P275/65R17 115S (31.1")0