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Klever M/T2

  • All Season, Traction
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall, Smooth Red Letters
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Kenda Klever M/T2

The Kenda Klever M/T2 KR629 is our 2nd generation mud terrain tire designed for enthusiasts and consumers who desire maximum traction in off-road environments. The Klever M/T2 has over two years of design and extensive testing in diverse terrain to provide exceptional dispersion and grip in mud, sand and rocks while offering good wet & dry handling required by drivers on road. All sizes of the Klever M/T2 offer our Klever Triple Threat 3-ply sidewall for exceptional durability. The optimized tread compound is formulated for chip and cut resistance and molded into a symmetric tread featuring Kenda’s proprietary designed interlocking tread blocks for aggressive offroad performance. The patented tread design includes stone, debris and mud ejectors and scalloped shoulder blocks which blend with the new blockchain sidewall contours to enhance both grip and visual appeal. In addition to stylized raised Black Letters, Kenda will offer select sizes in raised Red Letters honoring our winning race heritage.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
62901831x10.50R15LT 109Q (31")0
629016LT245/75R16 120R (30.5")0
629025LT245/75R17 121R (31.5")0
629030LT255/75R17 111Q (32.1")0
629006LT265/70R17 121R (31.6")0
629002LT265/75R16 123R (31.6")0
629010LT265/75R16 123R (31.6")0
629027LT235/85R16 120R (31.7")0
629028LT275/65R20 126Q (34.1")0
629007LT285/70R17 121R (32.7")0
629014LT285/75R16 126R (32.8")0
629020LT295/60R20 126Q (33.9")0
629032LT295/65R20 129Q (35.1")0
629029LT295/70R17 121Q (33.3")0
629019LT295/70R18 129Q (34.3")0
629015LT275/70R18 125R (33.2")0
629033LT315/70R17 121Q (34.4")0
62903537x13.50R22LT 128Q (37")0
62900537x13.50R20LT 128Q (37")0
62903633x10.50R17LT 121R (33")0
62902433x12.50R15LT 108Q (33")0
62901733x12.50R18LT 118R (33")0
62902633x12.50R20LT 119Q (33")0
62902135x10.50R17LT 121R (35")0
62902335x12.50R15LT 113Q (35")0
62903437x13.50R22LT 128Q (37")0
62900135x12.50R17LT 121R (35")0
62902235x12.50R18LT 123R (35")0
62901335x12.50R20LT 125Q (35")0
62900435x12.50R20LT 125Q (35")0
62901137x12.50R17LT 124R (37")0
62900337x12.50R17LT 124R (37")0
62901237x13.50R20LT 128Q (37")0
62900935x12.50R17LT 121R (35")0
629031LT315/75R16 127Q (34.6")0