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Klever S/T

  • All Season
  • Warranty: 60k Mile
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Kenda Klever S/T

The Kenda Klever S/T utilizes an asymmetrical tread design and advanced engineering to supply confident all-season performance for vehicles requiring speed-rated technology. The Klever S/T is designed to provide a long tread life, maximize ride comfort and a balanced tire performance for snow and wet weather for a wide range of CUVs and SUVs.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
520013215/70R16 100H (27.9")0
520016245/60R18 105H (29.6")0
520008245/65R17 111H (29.5")0
520007245/65R17 111T (29.5")0
520011245/70R17 110T (30.5")0
520035255/45R20 105H (29")0
520021255/50R19 107V (29")0
520027245/55R19 103H (29.6")0
520029255/50R20 109V (30")0
520032255/55R20 107H (31")0
520025255/60R19 109H (31")0
520015255/65R18 111T (31.1")0
520024265/50R20 107V (30.4")0
520014265/60R18 110V (30.5")0
520006265/65R17 112T (30.6")0
520019255/55R18 109V (29")0
520026275/55R20 113H (31.9")0
520023245/50R20 102V (29.6")0
520009235/70R16 106H (29")0
520033225/55R19 99V (28.7")0
520018225/60R17 99H (27.6")0
520001225/65R17 102H (28.5")0
520012225/70R16 103H (28.4")0
520022235/50R18 97H (27.3")0
520034235/50R19 99V (28.3")0
520010235/70R16 106H (29")0
520030235/55R18 100V (28.2")0
520028235/55R20 102H (30.2")0
520017235/60R17 102H (28.1")0
520004235/60R18 107V (29.1")0
520002235/65R17 108V (29")0
520003235/65R17 108T (29")0
520005235/65R18 106T (30")0
520020235/55R19 105V (29.2")0
520031285/45R22 114V (32.1")0