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Triangle TR653

Four main circumferential zigzag grooves, combined with lateral channels and sipes/blades, ensure tire wear resistance and drainage while improving comfort performance. Avoids abnormal tire abrasion under heavy loading conditions, and enhances grip on wet/dry conditions, resulting in a stable driving experience.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
0TR653817ST175/80R13 91L (24")0
0TR653820ST205/75R14 100M (26.1")0
0TR653821ST205/75R15 107M (27.1")0
0TR6531018ST215/75R14 102M (26.7")0
0TR653937ST225/75R15 117M (28.3")0
0TR653921ST235/85R16 132M (31.7")0
0TR653917ST235/85R16 128M (31.7")0